Super precast

Barriers & Bollards

  • While materials like plastic are durable, they pale in comparison to the strength of concrete barriers.
  • This is one of the main reasons why concrete barriers continue to be chosen for uses like highway construction.
  • Oftentimes the 2 main reasons barriers are chosen are:
  • To prevent drivers from crashing into or off of a surface or area that is even more damaging or dangerous (like schools or cliff faces)
  • To protect people or property from car crashes or collisions.

Precast concrete bollard is our latest masterpiece in concrete products.

This precast product provides a better alternative to plastic and metal bollards.

Some of the advantages of Precast Bollards:-

  1. Long-lasting and weatherproof
  2. Theft-free, and scrap value is zero
  3. Permanent finish
  4. Decorated as per design using low-cost materials
  5. Zero maintenance cost

Jersey Barrier

  • Precast RCC Jersey Barrier of size 3045mm Length X 840mm Height X Bottom width 610mm,
  • Manufactured by using M-30 and above the grade of Concrete & reinforced suitably to prevent damage during handling, transportation, erection & long use.

Advantages of Jersey Barrier:-

  • Prevent trespass and intrusion.
  • Reducing risk of harm from attacks which use vehicles, such as ram-raiding.
  • Optimize safety from additional hazards, for example by keeping public and vehicles at a safe distance from debris or specific hazards, such as dangerous structures, landslides or deep water.
  • Prevent issues such as fly-tipping as access cannot be gained to do so.
  • Guiding traffic
  • Defences

Central Barrier

Precast Concrete reinforced Central Verge of size 2500mm Length X 800mm Height X 600mm width, inverted V-shape, manufactured with M-30 grade of concrete, reinforced suitably to prevent damage during handling, transportation, erection & long use.


  • Central Road Verges
  • Road Diversion
  • Temporary Barriers
  • Constructions Site Boundary Barrier


Concrete bollards offer maximum durability and minimum maintenance. The rugged steel-reinforced construction makes them an ideal solution for outdoor use. Yet the gentle beauty, enhanced by a variety of color and texture options, offers versatility that will add aesthetic value to the property indoors and out.