Super precast

What is Precast Concrete?

First, we have to understand what is precast concrete.

Precast concrete can also be called readymade concrete or prefabricated concrete. Following is the definition of precast concrete. The form of construction where concrete is cast in a reusable mould and then cured in a controlled environment (precast plant) is called precast concrete. The casted structural member is then transported to the construction site and then erected. Structural members such as concrete frames, concrete walls, and concrete floors, etc. can be constructed using precast concrete.

Drain and Drain Covers

  • A drain cover is a cover with holes in it or a grating used to cover a water drain. It allows the drainage but in the same time, it prevents bigger objects to be flushed in the drain.
  • The company has introduced a revolutionary idea for precast cement concrete field drains & drain covers in different sizes.
  • They consume less space, cost-effective and easy to install.